Carved Candles Christmas Set Home Decor Handmade Gift Colorful Design White Gold Set Of Three

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Carved Candles Handmade

•Handmade 100%
•High 3 in (8 cm), width 8 cm 3 In Weight 350 gr burning time 15 hours (Piece of two)
•High 6 in (15 cm), width 6 cm, weight 600 gr burning time 45 hours
•Pure paraffin WAX, color pigments, braided wick, candle lacquer


Carved Candles Christmas Gift

If beauty, elegance, interior decoration, play a major role in your life, then the hand made carved candles we make are definitely of interest to you.

The handmade carved candles are made of paraffin and colored with vibrant, non-toxic pigments, specially formulated for use with paraffin.

The finished candles are covered with a water-based candle lacquer to produce a scratch and dust resistant, beautiful, high-gloss finish. Your carved candles are packed securely.